In need of extra service or want to use more of our facility?


Sørheim Brygge offers transfers to/from the local airport using 2 minibusses with 8 - 9 seats on each vehicle.

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Equipment rentals

Sørheim Brygge offers boat rentals. With a selection of 9 boats in the fleet with 50/60/75hp motors. Additionally Sørheim has two 28' boats with a cabin and a 200hk motor.

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Conference center

Sørheim Brygge is able to offer a fully equipped conference room at the conference center.

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Sørheim Brygge sports a large 300m2 quay, in with 3 additional floating docks that also serves as guest docks.

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If you are ever looking for a drink or a little bite to eat, why not come down to the charming pub at Sørheim Brygge?

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Whenever you feel like having a bbq, you can go over to the specially designed bbq hut at Sørheim Brygge.

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