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Right in the heart of the stunning Lyngen Peninsula is Sørheim Brygge.

Surrounded by the fish -rich Lyngen Fjord and the giant Lyngen Alps, the resort is perfect for both summer and winter stay. Sørheim Brygge is located in the municipality village, Lyngseidet. The resort is sheltered and screened to the riverside.Here you will find proximity to the best fishing in Lyngen fjord, the highest and most challenging mountain peaks, breathtaking scenery and the most necessary facilities. All this can be reached within walking distance of the resort. Sørheim Brygge (pier) is as the name implies right next to the sea. We just have to walk right out of the boat for fishing adventures on the Lyngen Fjord. There are of course other activity opportunities in Lyngens beautiful scenery. How about hiking, horseback riding or scuba diving?