Northern lights

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During large solar explosions and flares, huge quantities of particles are thrown out of the sun and into deep space. When the particles meet the Earth’s magnetic shield, they are led towards a circle around the magnetic North Pole, where they interact with the upper layers of the atmosphere. The energy which is then released is called Aurora Borealis or the northern lights.

In Lyngen you can watch nature’s own theatre unfold above you as the most spectacular light show takes centre stage: The northern lights with you in the front row.
Aurora is an unpredictable lady, and you never know when she will decide to turn up. This diva keeps you waiting, so whenever you go hunting for the northern lights above the Arctic Circle, make sure you set aside the whole evening. Northern lights worshippers do everything from cross-country skiing to building snowmen in order to keep warm and entertained while outside.
Each appearance of the northern lights is unique. Often you see three green bands across the night sky. Or the lights come as flickering curtains or rollingsmoke. The colour is a luminous green, often with a hint of pink along the edge, and occasionally with a deep violet centre. The colour palette seems to come from the 1980s.

The Lyngen fjord is well known for the spectacular northern light belt which seems to stretch directly over the fjord. From Sørheim Brygge this belt can be seen directly from the porch if the conditions are good.

At Sørheim Brygge we provide photo advice, courses, trips and of course a hot sauna after hours of hunting lady Aurora.

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